3 Best Joomla eCommerce Extensions

Ecommerce is currently on the raise because of its growing potentials of selling and it makes reaching the target market easier. Ecommerce is definitely a great way to get more sales of your product through offering them to the market online. One example of a great website is Jewelry Room which sells jewelries online. The ….  Read More

Is Joomla better than WordPress?

If you’re currently building up a website and still trying to decide if you should consider using other platform other than WordPress then read on. There are definitely tons of great reasons to use WordPress but there are a lot great Content Management System that can help you build a website easily, in particular, Joomla ….  Read More

Can Joomla Accommodate Your Needs?

Joomla has been one of the most used platforms ever since it was introduced last 2005. It was considered to be an excellent CMS for a lot of developers when it was introduced to the market. Can we still consider Joomla as one of the best these days? Are the users still satisfied with their ….  Read More

What Makes Joomla Great!

Joomla is an open source platform wherein different applications such as websites can be created. It is known as Content Management System which can connect the website or other applications to a PostgreSQL, MySQL and MySQLi database which makes content management and delivery easier for all users such as the site manager and visitors as ….  Read More