Joomla is an open source platform wherein different applications such as websites can be created. It is known as Content Management System which can connect the website or other applications to a PostgreSQL, MySQL and MySQLi database which makes content management and delivery easier for all users such as the site manager and visitors as well.

Since its release in 2005, the primary focus of Joomla is to make the website more user friendly and extensive to cater to the needs of users. This is the reason why Joomla has made a lot of noise and has been included to a lot of nominations and which eventually land them numerous awards. These awards includes PACKT Open Source Content Management System Award, which them have won three times.

Considering the many uses of Joomla, it is surprisingly a free open source solution which means it can be used by anyone and everyone who desires to build a dynamic website that offers a lot of purpose. Joomla is currently being used as a website platfrom by a lot of prominent brands iHop, MTV and Harvard. This makes Joomla establish their brand as sturdy since it can handle huge amount of users at the same time. It also show that it is indeed capable of carrying out wide variety of tasks from corporate needs to ecommerce to social networks.

This is does not come as a surprise but Joomla is also being supported by a large developer community which actively helps them make their product better. Joomla also offers a lot of unique and useful extentions and templates which are available to be used by all the users. This makes them one f the largest single site building platform available on the internet at the moment. With the great team Joomla has, it would definitely be a great choice for the developers to use their service as a website platfrom.

It is important to see Joomla as great platform for a specific type of site rather than seeing it as limited platform since it has a robust set of tools which makes the connection between the site manager and site user easier in a lot of ways. Joomla has a set of extentive set of technologies that helps the site managers and developers to innovate their websites

So my use Joomla as a Website Platform?

Thing is, Joomla has a lot advantages compared to its competitors. It is a full featured CMS and it is very easy to learn and can be quickly set up not to mention that it is free to use.

It is indeed free to use and whatever feature you use, it will remain free. What makes it competely free is mainly because it is non corporate and has been volunteer driven support structure.

Joomla is an open source which means that there will be pretty much no surprises popping up once you use it on your website. Each and every part of Joomla can be inspected and you can even modity them to meet your needs for the sites. With its thousand collection of plugins, templates, extensions, etc.

So who uses Joomla?
Joomla is the largest Web platform which are used by the government organizations around the world. It is heavily utilized by a lot of people around the world for education, corporate, media, e commerce and even for personal use such as websites and blogs.

One great thing about Joomla is it’ usability. Even if you are just starting the Web Designing area or even someone who recently retired and just trying t learn how to make a website, Joomla will be the perfect choice for you to use as a website platform. You do not need to know a lot of stuff about programming to be able to use it. You can set up a website and customize it easily without difficulty.