Is Joomla better than WordPress?

If you’re currently building up a website and still trying to decide if you should consider using other platform other than WordPress then read on. There are definitely tons of great reasons to use WordPress but there are a lot great Content Management System that can help you build a website easily, in particular, Joomla is a great alternative to WordPress.

WordPress and Joomla are both in the market for more than 10 years now and they are both well received open source management systems because they are both self hosted.

WordPress was established in the year 2003 as a blogging platform. They have come a long way since WordPress is currently a multi purpose content management system which is being used by 35.3% of all the websites in the internet. When it comes to their percentage in the market as a content management system, they currently hold as much as 63% of the total market share which makes them the dominant platform.

Joomla on the otherhand was introduced as a content management system 2 years after WordPress. In the year 2005 they were launced and became the 2nd most popular platform in the market. They currently being used by about 3.5% of all the websites in the internet today, and holds approximately 5.8% of the market.

If you want to know what makes WordPress stand out then continue reading on as we listed the advantages of using wordpress below:

Easy to Use
WordPress can be regarded as the most user friendly content management system because they do not require complicated coding and html knowledge. You can manage to create a website using WordPress with just the basic knowledge of html. You can even create a basic website with just a few clicks. This is the reason why a lot of bloggers use wordpress because they just require a bare minimum knowledge on coding.

Better Suited for Blogs
WordPress gives the option of making a post a static page and add a bunch of posts on the blog posts page. This is what makes them different from Joomla since Joomla only offers a single type of blogging, that is the article type of website where you can just sort out the content by categories.

Greater Options for Extensions
WordPress has the largest number of plugins and themes offered to its users. You can easily customize your website according to your liking because you can easily use different plugins and themes to offer different website feature.

Better Customer Support
Since there are huge number of people who use WordPress, they have also huge number of support and you can easily find a support for your concerns and you can easily find solutions through different blogs, Facebook groups, etc.

For those considering Joomla as your website platform, you can continue reading on to know more about the great things Joomla can offer.

Easy to Use
Just like WordPress, Joomla is also one of the easiest and user friendly platform to use. Joomla also offers simple installer and you can easily install Joomla platform to your website. However they have a slightly different interface than WordPress, with Joomla, you will have to create a combination of Categories and Articles to organize your blog posts. So before you start posting your blogs and articles, you will need to create all the categories you envision for your site. It is not that complicated since it would not require coding and stuff, but it has a bit more involved process than WordPress.

Useful Extensions
Though Joomla only houses about 6000 extensions, all of them serve purpose and are very useful. It may seem that WordPress outnumbers Joomla in terms of extensions but Joomla only offers different useful extensions. These extensions and plugins can add functionaly to your website. WordPress on the other hand has a lot of junk plugins and some of them does not even work and is deemed useless. Joomla filters their extensions very well and only retains those which are useful to the users.

Greater CMS Facility
In terms of features, Joomla is definitely the best in the market. They offer hundreds of options that can help manage, sort out and create content according to your liking. These variety of content management features suits best when your website grows in size. Joomla has a great potential to help you customize your website with the interface.

Given these advantages of each platform at the end of the day, you are the only one who can determine which is the best content management system for the purpose of the website you want.

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