3 Best Joomla eCommerce Extensions

Ecommerce is currently on the raise because of its growing potentials of selling and it makes reaching the target market easier.
Ecommerce is definitely a great way to get more sales of your product through offering them to the market online. One example of a great website is Jewelry Room which sells jewelries online. The website is currently optimized for auction jewelry, they are very popular when it comes to jewelry online auction among the online community.

Going back to ecommerce, the market online is very competitive and of course it is becoming more difficult to have an edge for your website and makes it more challenging for the developers to find a suitable extension for the website. So to help those building their ecommerce website, this post is a guide for extensions if you are a joomla user. This guide is a short walk through for the best Joomla extensions for ecommerce and their functionality.


The Joomla extension VirtuaMart can be considered as the pioneer of eCommerce extension in the Joomla platform. VirtuaMart has built their product extensively with the help of a lot of software developers, this is the reason they only recently adapt new technologies to their product, but nevertheless they still captured the heart of Joomla users. They were able to capture the hearts of the Joomla developers because their product is open source and can be easily to customize, with a clear architecture and has a stable interface yet offers an effective performance for your website.

With Virtuamart, you can easily access your shop and lets you customize your website easily. It is very easy to set up a website with Virtuamart, you can just install this and let the tension be absorbed by Virtuamart. It doesn’t matter whether you are developing single language site or multi language site, as Virtuamart gives support for multilingual site as well.

What’s great about this extension, they are offering different payment options which you can offer your customers. No worries about the SEO aspect as well of this extension since Virtumart provides SEO support with meta tags. Your all ecommerce related problems will be solved with one simple ecommerce extension.

The main features of Virtuamart includes

Maintain all Joomla product support
Easy to customize and use
Multilingual support
Auto currency rate update
24/7 Community Support
SEO friendly with meta tags
Several templates and layout per category
Multiple payment gateways


Mijoshop is of the extensions in Joomla platform has been earning recognition and popularity among the users. This extension comes with a great shopping cart and its ecommerce function is equipped with variety of features and is very user friendly. Mijoshop was first introduced in the Joomla Extension Directory last 2012 in the month of September. As of the moment, they have a huge client base among the Joomla developers and they are currently widely used among the extensions of Joomla.

Though you can use Mijoshop for selling everything and anything under sun even a digital product but their extension are most used by site owners who are selling tangible products. If you are looking in selling your product online and is keen on using Joomla platform, you should consider using Mijoshop because it offers intuitive admin interface which allows you to have total control on your site with a very detailed sales report, MijoShop will get you along just fine.

The Key features of Mijoshop are

Unlimited & nested categories
50+ Payment gateways
Responsive design
SEO optimized
Advanced sales reports
Custom order statuses
One-page checkout
Unlimited products, manufacturers, domain installation and support
Multi store, language and currency
Product reviews, ratings
And lots more
Mijoshop lets you these exclusive features only for $49 per 6 months. If you plan to buy it for lifetime, it will cost you $499 only.


Hikashop is a very useful tool for ecommerce and can be easily set up. Although unlike the first two extensions, Hikashop does not offer much functionality like the other ones on the list, however it was made to offer simplicity and flexibility for your website.

For the ones looking to use it, you have to know basic knowledge of CSS and HTML when building your ecommerce in order for you to tweak the extension and beautify your website according to your liking. Although this is the case, Hikashop has a growing number of users in the Joomla developers since this extension offers a lot of functionaly like multi-vendor responsive design, powerful analytics, layout variation which reduce the usage and dependency of third party extensions. This extension also provides currencies, languages, zones and taxes management. They also offer advanced customization capabilities for your shop in order to meet all your ecommerce needs.
Hikashop is a total Joomla ecommerce package, that will help you complete a full fledged online shop on your Joomla site just in minutes.

Features that HikaShop includes

Easy to configure
Fully responsive layout
International sales
Affiliate program support
Powerful statistics capabilities
Multiple Vendor
Advanced Customization
Multilingual support
Product ratings and reviews
Several payment gateways

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