Can Joomla Accommodate Your Needs?

Joomla has been one of the most used platforms ever since it was introduced last 2005. It was considered to be an excellent CMS for a lot of developers when it was introduced to the market. Can we still consider Joomla as one of the best these days? Are the users still satisfied with their service? This post will highlight why Joomla is good and we will also highlight some of it’s not so great side.

So what are the great side of the the platform Joomla?

As of the moment, Joomla has been downloaded 50 million times already. It has a growing population and has become one of the most commonly used CMS in the last 6 years alongside WordPress, etc. It is actually the second most popular CMS platform, of course next to WordPress.

One great thing about Joomla is that it supports an object oriented programming language which helps the developers since they have provided a CMS solution where they can code their program with ease.

Because of their user friendly interface, Joomla has gained the trust of a lot of brands. With Joomla’s framework that is mobile responsive, a lot of prominent brands have used Joomla for their website such as Barnes & Noble, IKEA, Guggenheim Museum, Peugeot, etc. Even government websites around the world uses Joomla as their platform.

The sleek admin area of Joomla makes the experience greater because it gives the users easier to navigate and gives a smooth functionality. Joomla offers two templates in their platform, Beez3 and Protostar which are added feature of the platform which makes a neat framework that developers can work on. If used properly, it is a very powerful website building framework.

Joomla is constantly trying to improve their platform, that is why over the past years, Joomla has made a lot of great improvements in their framework’s security that provides the users with hashings of the page and password, multilingual compatibility, new RSS feed application, and documentation of microdata with MediaWiki working efficiently at the backend.

Joomla is really great however, there are also some things that users seem to dislike to this platform. For Search Engine Optimization or SEO, this platform tends to perform really poorly although Joomla’s developer team keeps working on this area to make their platform the best for everyone.

One more thing that users tend to dislike about Joomla is their restricted plugins and extensions. Although Joomla currently has almost 8,000 extensions, it is still not enough to offer more functionality to the users. Also there is hardly any as popular as the ones in WordPress’ repository. The lack of regularly updated Joomla extensions has hit the overall functionality of the CMS hard. The Joomla developers need to work extensively on increasing the number of user-friendly extensions in the repository.

The biggest disadvantage that hampers Joomla’s current standing amongst the other CMS software is that it does not provide anything new to the users. The core functionality is fragile and is still based on the age-old traditional semantics. The CMS, on the whole, has not evolved as was expected to such a point, where Joomla could have challenged the supremacy of WordPress or Drupal, etc.

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